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Teaching Programme/Courses Offered

Admission to CEMB is on a highly competitive basis. Students selected are those who have competed successfully in their academic careers, showing excellent results. They come from a variety of backgrounds. After joining CEMB, students continue to pursue a high level of competitiveness and professional development. The admission criteria for the Institute’s academic programs are described below

M.Phil. degree in Marine Biology provides students with the opportunities teaching and learning in CEMB made more productive and efficient by demonstrating how to use Information Technology, effectively in teaching methods, especially to support more independent learning.

  • The centre offers a teaching program for M.Phil. students, which comprises of ten courses (3 credit hours each), spreading over two semesters. Students holding M.Sc/ B.S degrees in different science subjects and having a background of zoology or botany at the undergraduate level are eligible for admission. The students admitted to M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes receive fellowship.
  • Plus success in Aptitude Test and Interview conducted by CEMB.

Admission Open

  • Admission for M.Phil/Ph.DProgramme Year 2013-2014
    Regular classes for M.Phil/Ph.D. (Session 2013-2014) commence from ________2013